3 Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Lahore Pakistan

Cosmetique  clinic invites men and women from all over the world for hair transplants in Lahore, Pakistan, using the most up-to-date micro-Fue, sapphire, and DHI techniques. The greatest hair restoration surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan,
At Cosmetique, Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan best hair transplant  surgeon in Lahore has been performing this treatment for the past 21 years using a variety of methods. Now, our clinic uses a cutting-edge method called follicular unit extraction. Ensure that the people performing your hair regrowth technique are safe and qualified. The finest surgeon for hair surgery and treatment in 2021 is

 Prof. Dr Azim Jahangir Khan . Our top priority is to ensure that your operation goes smoothly, comfortably, and without any negative side effects. Our team can arrange for lodging, airport pickup and drop-off, a sponsor for a visa, and transportation to and from the clinic. Your confidence will increase, and you’ll undergo a transformation that will change your life.


1. Dr Azim Jahangir Khan

2.Dr. Amnah M Raj

3.Dr.Saima Malik

Clinic for hair transplants in Lahore, Pakistan

  The hair loss issue has practically been resolved in Pakistan. Without a question, hair loss has always been a significant problem for both men and women around the world. In Pakistan, it is seen as a newly emerging health issue. The sole treatment for “androgenetic alopecia” and “irreversible hair loss” is hair restoration. With the increase in baldness, hair restoration through transplant techniques has gained popularity in Pakistan. The newest and most effective approach is called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Basic FUE Technique

In Pakistan, the FUE hair transplant in Lahore process is straightforward. In the FUE procedure, a single follicular unit is removed from the donor area using a punch that has a diameter of roughly one millimeter. One graft can be removed at a time, and each graft typically contains two to four hairs. The recipient area is then covered with this graft. The complete technique does not involve stitching. Follicular extraction scars on the donor sites are approximately 1 millimeter or less, and with the right care, they can heal completely in 10 days. The FUE procedure typically lasts one day, and the recuperation time is between three and five days.

Advantage of the FUE Technique: The FUE technique is widely used because of its outstanding benefits. Other methods of hair transplantation in Lahore never produced a natural-looking result, but the FUE method ensures this. Additionally, FUE Hair Transplant in Pakistan is growing in popularity due to the availability of local anesthetic, which can be used throughout the procedure. The use of modern equipment reduces the pain to the barest minimum. FUE transplantation, in contrast to other transplantation methods, requires no stitches and leaves no linear scars. This method is thought to be patient-friendly.

In general, the FUE operation is more expensive than other methods. Numerous factors, such as the number of grafts used, lab fees, medication costs, and the surgeon’s standing, affect the price. Typically, a graft costs between 60 and 80 rupees. In larger or megs’ sessions where more grafts are transplanted, the price per graft decreases. For example, if a small session costs 100 rupees per graft and has 1000 grafts, the price per graft drops to about 60 rupees in a mega session with 3000–4000 grafts. The cost of FUE hair transplants in Lahore, Pakistan is typically lower than in other cities.

Even though the FUE procedure is thought to be the best way to encourage hair growth, some negative effects are often seen in individuals following surgery. The most frequent adverse reactions in Pakistan are hiccoughs, itching, edoema, and highly prevalent infectious hair infections. Around the eyes and forehead, swelling develops. These side effects can be easily cured with modest treatment and appropriate care because they are seen in the acute stage. Anti-itch lotions are frequently suggested by surgeons to stop itching. Antibiotics are given to the patients before and after surgery to help reduce the side effects of transplantation.

We can infer from the foregoing explanation of FUE Hair Transplant in Lahore, Pakistan, that hair regrowth is no longer a significant issue. In the hands of a professional and knowledgeable surgeon like  Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan, the FUE technique led to lower transaction rates while also demonstrating to be a highly beneficial transplantation technique. For a professional opinion and an estimate of grafts or pricing, WhatsApp images of your baldness to +92-303-477-0006

Frequently Asked Questions

Which clinic in Lahore, Pakistan, offers the greatest hair transplant services?

Cosmeqtiue clinic is the best in hair restoration surgery due to a variety of reasons the surgeon is skilled, experienced, trained & qualified from Paris France. The clinic is established more than 20 years ago and there are many success stories, before and after photos, reviews as well as testimonials from patients of different Nationalities operating this clinic.

Who is the best surgeon for Fue in Lahore Pakistan?

Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan is the best surgeon who can perform micro-FUE, perform mega sessions of follicular unit extraction, beard, and body hair to the scalp to add more density and impressive results. Most importantly he is a professional and honest surgeon.

How much is the fee range of the best surgeon in Lahore Pakistan?

The consultation is FREE and complimentary, and you will not have any obligation of fee for the first visit. Just call or WhatsApp +92-300-477-0006 to book your appointment with the best surgeon who will give you honest and professional advice and you can ask as many questions directly to an experienced and specialist doctor. To get an idea regarding FUE or FUT procedure price in Lahore Pakistan click cost & package

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