The trend of hair transplant surgery has undergone many drastic changes over the past five years. Radio, television, social media, and traditional print media convince the patients of hair loss to shift to more risk–free, guaranteed products compared to specialized cosmetic surgical procedures. This article will give you a direction so you know for what to look in a reliable hair transplant surgeon.

Significant Tips to Find a Reliable Hair Transplant Surgeon

Below are nine tips and tricks to help you find the best hair transplant surgeon for your hair restoration needs.

  • Education

You should know about the qualification of your surgeon because only proper training in dermatology and plastic surgery is not enough to achieve the required results. Hair restoration has its mentorship programs and training sessions. Search about the prior training of the doctor if they have proper fellowship training in hair restoration from the centers approved by the International Society of Hair Restoration and Hair transplant fellowship centers.

  • Certification

Your doctor should be licensed in the state in which he or she is practicing his job. Most hair transplant surgeons are:

  • Board-certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS)
  • Or has the Fellowship of the International Society of Hair Restoration (FISHRS)
  • Experience

Experience always counts a lot. Make sure you know your hair transplant surgeon’s experience very well. He should have enough experience to give your desired results. Fortunately, the field of hair restoration has undergone a radical transformation in the last few years. Due to its high demand, many doctors performing hair restoration for years have had to upgrade and enhance their skills. The doctor should have much experience but keep current with the most advanced hair restoration techniques. The main elements of a technologically advanced hair restoration practice are experience, education, and innovation.

  • Hair transplantation method

Always choose a doctor who knows about different techniques of hair restoration. Your doctor must not be limited to one technique. That allows him to be flexible and do his best when deciding the best hair transplant technique for your hair restoration according to your demand. Make sure your hair transplant surgeon is knowledgeable about the technique scheduled to be performed, and you should ask any questions from him.

  • Results

Ask your doctor for ‘Before and After” photos of their previous patients on which they had done hair restoration. Open house events are usually the best opportunity for meeting their previous patients. You can view the results of a doctor’s work in this type of event. A successful hair transplant is that you will not be able to detect the transplanted area of the scalp from the natural areas of hair on the person. For your satisfaction, you can chat with any previous patients in person so you can view the results in person. In addition, you can ask questions related to your problem in sitting with them.

  • Word of mouth

To hear about the great experiences a friend or family member had with a doctor is always a good feeling. There is often someone in your life open to sharing their story because not everyone wants to discuss their hair restoration experience with others. You can discover more information about a medical practice and the hair transplants they perform through online reviews from reputable sources.

  • Consultation Appointment

Scheduling a consultation appointment with a reliable hair transplant surgeon of your choice is one of the most critical steps in hair restoration. It is your right to know everything about hair transplant surgery and discuss it with your doctor.

You should ask the following questions while consulting with your doctor before making any decision:

  • Am I the right candidate for a hair transplant?
  • Will he perform the whole surgery or a part of it? 
  • What will be involved in my examination?
  • Do I need to follow any further steps to maintain a full head of hair?
  • Why and which method of hair graft extraction will I be recommended?
  • How many follow-up doctor appointments will I have to take after the procedure?
  • After my hair transplantation has been done, what should I expect?
  • Innovation and research

The medical field of hair transplants is improving and evolving day by day. Doctors dedicated to their field do not usually stick to the “same old thing.” They use the latest techniques and also look for new and better ways to perform a hair transplant. It is easy to locate these hair transplant surgeons because of their extensive research, publications, and presentations.

Warning Signs When Choosing a Hair Transplant Surgeon

Make sure you don’t choose a hair restoration surgeon who will not give your desired results. For this, there are several steps you can follow.

  • Don’t ask for any referral from your dermatologist or your family doctor. Because it might be possible that they don’t understand the complete scope of what is involved in a hair transplant.
  • Don’t rely on Google search only. Conduct proper and thorough research for the best hair transplant surgeon near you.
  • Please don’t trust any medical group or advertisements as they might not have complete knowledge about surgical skills. 
  • Don’t select a doctor because it is near your house. See his skills.

Hair restoration is a big investment of your money and time that lasts a lifetime with you. So put your efforts and energy into finding the best hair transplant surgeon to provide you with the hairline you dream of and desire.

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