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Liposuction, commonly referred to as lipectomy or lipoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that uses the removal of body fat to reshape the body. By suctioning fat out of specific bodily regions, liposuction alters the form of those regions. The thighs, buttocks, belly, arms, neck, chest, cheek, calves, and ankles are the most frequent areas treated with it. Along with other cosmetic surgery operations like a facelift, breast augmentation, or stomach tuck, some patients choose to have liposuction. We highly propose a best doctor for Liposuction in Lahore if you are considering liposuction in Lahore, Pakistan, and searching for the finest liposuction surgeon.
Note that results may vary depending on the individual.
Does liposuction suit me?

If you are in good health at the time of the fat reduction treatment, have tried to alter your body shape with a healthy diet and regular exercise, and have reasonable expectations about the procedure, liposuction might be the perfect choice for you. People with normal weight, firm, elastic skin, but pockets of extra fat in certain locations, are the greatest candidates for liposuction. Furthermore, if you’re trying for the best liposuction treatment for weight loss, liposuction is probably not the best option for you.

How does liposuction surgery work?

We provide the best liposuction procedures, all of which are appropriate for both men and women. Traditional liposuction, Body Jet liposuction, and laser liposuction are the most common types. You will either have a local anesthetic or a general anesthetic prior to the liposuction surgery. 
Under local anesthesia, most liposuction procedures can be completed in a few hours, and you can return home the same day. The use of a general anesthetic is possible for bigger amounts. Small skin incisions are made during the fat reduction treatment, and various procedures. Before being suctioned out, the fat might be scraped off or converted into a liquid. You will be required to rest at home for six to ten days, but it is advisable to move about frequently to maintain circulation. The small incisions may be red, and your skin may be bruised by the procedure, but they should heal rapidly. Our liposuction surgeon will provide you with a free online consultation and advise you on the most effective liposuction procedure.

What body parts can be liposuctioned?
Nearly any area of the body can be liposuctioned, however the inner and outer thighs, stomach, knees, buttocks, hips, underarms, and chin are some of the more popular areas.
Does fat reappear after having liposuction surgery?
After surgery, you can lose additional fat with the support of healthy activity, eating habits, and weight-control strategies. If you let the fat come back after liposuction surgery, it will most likely do so.
Is this fat there to stay?
Yes, as we have a specific quantity of fat cells when we are born. They cannot be created if they are surgically removed during treatment by the best doctor for Liposuction in Lahore. However, if we overeat and don’t exercise, the fat cells that are still present can grow.

How much fat can be removed by liposuction surgery?
Up to 5 liters of fat can be suctioned from your body during fat reduction treatmentIt will also eliminate fat cells from the locations you’ve treated, but they can reappear in other areas of your body. Please contact our liposuction surgeon for more information regarding fat at cosmetique.
How long does a liposuction procedure last?
Depending on the patient and the amount of treatment regions, the liposuction operation may last for up to an hour or two. The length of the process may be extended if additional procedures are needed in addition to liposuction.
What are the dangers and negative consequences of having liposuction surgery?
Fat reduction treatment is a surgery that targets fat that is located just under the skin rather than internal organs. The dangers involved with liposuction are minimal, and complications are exceedingly rare. 
Infection, bleeding, uneven skin with ripples or dimples, slow healing, scarring, nerve injury, and sometimes—if the superficial veins are damaged in liposuction—a palpable reddish painful cord along the course of the vein—are just a few of the side effects of liposuction. Any operation has dangers, and the liposuction surgeon would be pleased to go over these with you during your initial appointment.
How long should I wear the support clothing?
For the first two weeks, you should wear it day and night and for the next two to four weeks, you should wear it continuously. For a month, avoid wearing underwear or jeans that are too tight.
Do liposuction result in scars?
There will be scars after invasive surgery. Our best doctor for Liposuction in Lahore will make every effort to leave behind as little scars as possible. Scars will, whenever possible, follow the natural contours of the skin.
Will I have to have liposuction once more?
 Fat reduction treatment typically doesn’t need to be repeated. After the surgery, there may be extra skin, and if so, another procedure may be required to remove it.
When will I be able to see how my procedure went?
Most liposuction patients can go back to their homes in 6 to 10 days; however, some pain and discomfort may linger for a few weeks after the procedure. After surgery, you will probably start to see some benefits, but the real improvement won’t be noticeable for about six months, once all the swelling has gone down. Although the fat cells eliminated by liposuction surgery won’t regrow, it’s still necessary to maintain a nutritious diet and engage in regular exercise.

Do I require leave from work?
Even though the area where the fat reduction treatment was performed is quite sensitive, some people return to work the next day. Depending on the place that has been operated on, pain is quite personal. Ideal vacation time would be three to four days; however, this is not required.
Can I operate a vehicle after having liposuction?
No, because you were just lightly sedated. You can’t drive or use public transportation until the next day. Please make plans for someone to pick you up.
Why should you get your liposuction surgery at our clinic?

  • Both weight loss surgery and fat removal surgery fall under our area of expertise by the best doctor for liposuction in Lahore.
  • Free fat reduction treatment consultations with our best doctor for Liposuction in Lahore are available from us.
  • At our cosmetique clinic in Lahore, we always use the most up-to-date technology and methods.
  • We have a plastic surgeon that is skilled and knowledgeable.
  • In Pakistan, our belly fat removal surgery costs are lower than those of other doctors.
  • Guaranteed comprehensive aftercare.

Special Thanks Written: by Sahar Anwar

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