Best Nutrition Doctor in Lahore, Pakistan 

Nutrition doctors are trained to treat patients of all ages and backgrounds who have dietary issues. Due to the wide range of knowledge and work domain in the field of food sciences, they work in different capacities like

  • Clinics
  • Industries
  • Hospitals
  • Private practices
  • Rescue services and many more 

People who suffer from some kinds of dietary problems usually look weak and have several blood circulations issues. Fortunately, now finding the best nutritionist or best nutrition doctor in Lahore, Pakistan has been made easy for people with various digital healthcare services.

Who is a Nutrition Doctor?

A nutrition doctor is a dietary counselor and expert having great knowledge of the dietary stipulations and related wide range of illnesses. These doctors are specialized in treating and preventing diseases raised through diet.

However, their first and foremost goal is to guide people to help them make educated about different food choices. It is also the point to understand that “what we eat has a profound impact on our health”

Experts of advising

The best nutrition doctor in Lahore, Pakistan is the one who is an expert in giving dietary advice to treat various health issues. They recommend dietary supplements and conduct nutrition counseling of the patients.

In addition to that, these doctors also diagnose and treat all diet-related issues by performing standard checkups by suggesting lifestyle guidelines or diet plans. Some of the common issues related to diet are

  1. Weight gain
  2. Obesity
  3. Stunting
  4. Weight loss and many more 

What are nutritionists in Lahore, Pakistan called?

Most of the population is not aware of the word ‘Nutrition doctor’ so they call them with some other common names such as

  1. Dietician
  2. Weight Loss Counselor
  3. Food Specialist
  4. Mahir-e-Ghiza
  5. Nutritionist 

Why should you see a nutrition doctor?

Diseases that are caused by diet problems are most contagious therefore people often need to see a diet specialist doctor in their life. A nutritionist can diagnose and treat almost 1000+ diseases. They first diagnose the condition then prescribe medicine to perform the relative procedure.

Once these doctors diagnose the right problem, you will be recommended a healthy diet to consume. In Lahore, several best diet specialist doctors are present. They can solve major scalp issues to diet problems in a very short time.

Diet Issues to be treated

Although these nutrition doctors treat all issues related to food poisoning and dietThusonce a patient notice any of the following symptoms, he should visit any of the best nutrition doctor in Lahore, Pakistan. Some major symptoms of food-related diseases include the following: 

  1. Weight loss
  2. Food intolerance
  3. Gut issues
  4. Lethargy
  5. Pregnancy
  6. Post or pre-pregnancy
  7. Poor dietary habits
  8. Diabetes diet
  9. Diet for renal issues
  10. Diet for heart diseases
  11. Oncology diet
  12. Fad diets
  13. Dash diets
  14. Malnutrition and many more 

Main areas of concern for nutritionists

Many nutritionists in Lahore advise diet plans for patients and educate them regarding their eating habits. However, they have to consider the patient’s condition and budgetary constraints when suggesting diet plans.

Whenever it is discussed that who is the best nutrition doctor in Lahore, Pakistan it is considered which one

  1. keeps track of patient’s progress
  2. changes diet plan accordingly
  3. keeps the patient’s condition in a notice 
  4. understands the financial stability of a patient before recommending diet plans  

Treatments and procedures advise

Once a nutritionist becomes able to diagnose the diet issue of the patient, he/she may carry out procedures like

  1. Chemical analysis of nutritional status 
  2. Testing of body fats and vitamins
  3. Physical examination for detecting nutritional deficiency
  4. Anthropometric examination

That is why whenever someone feels any diet problems, he/she should book an appointment or have an online consultation with the best nutrition doctor in Lahore, Pakistan. To avail of the mentioned services, one should not delay in seeking

  1. Lifestyle counseling
  2. Nutritionist analysis on diet
  3. Designed diet plans

Role of best nutrition doctor in Lahore, Pakistan

For minor problems and regular check-ups, these nutritionists work as primary caregivers. They offer management of common diseases and diagnose a wide range of health problems. Therefore, in Lahore, your primary dietician can refer you to a subspecialist. 

Different types of the best nutrition doctor in Lahore, Pakistan

  1. Diabetes Nutritionists

Such nutrition doctors are specialized in controlling diabetes through diet along with medicines

  1. Surgical Nutritionist

These diet specialist doctors are responsible for taking care of your pre-surgery and post-surgery diet

  1. Oncology Nutritionist

For cancer patients, they design diet plans and support in healing better

  1. Gynecologic Nutritionists

These diet doctors are specialized in dealing with pre-pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and inter-pregnancy diet complications. They resolve diet problems for women

  1. Pediatric Nutritionists

These are child specialists dealing with children having special dietary needs.

  1. Renal Nutritionists

These nutrition doctors complement kidney diseases and assist in treatments like dialysis and kidney treatment

  1. Sports Nutritionists

These diet doctors are best suitable for sportsmen and people with a high level of physical and athletic activities.

Significant things to consider while selecting a Dietitian

Patients need to think very carefully and evaluate several options before visiting or making an appointment with any of the best nutrition doctor in Lahore, Pakistan. The decision should be made based on

  1. Experience of a doctor
  2. Qualification and appointments timing
  3. Services you are looking
  4. Reviews from other patients

5 Best Nutrition Doctor in Lahore, Pakistan

I do recommend having a look at health wire where you can book appointments with reliable nutritionists. Their fee varies from Rs. 500 to Rs. 3000 per visit.

  1. Muhammad Israr Khan

Mr. Israr has done his Ph.D. in human nutrition and according to his high qualification, he is working as the best diet consultant. He holds a wide experience of 12 years and currently, he is working at the Health Plus clinic located in Jinnah Avenue

  1. Mehreen Nargis

M/s Mehreen has done her Home Economics, particularly in food and nutrition. She specializes in diet patients who want their body figure perfect. Currently, she is working at Mehreen Hospital located in Cantt, Lahore

  1. Rizwan Ahmed

He is the best nutrition doctor in Lahore, Pakistan. He is primarily a certified weight-loss consultant from the very famous health academy present in Australia. Currently patient can book an appointment with him at the National hospital in DHA, Lahore

  1. Dr. Ayesha Abbas

She is an MBBS and works as a general physician. She is also certified and has a diploma in nutrition having experience of more than 15 years. Currently, she is practicing at Neuro Care Clinic located at PECHS

  1. Qurat Ul Ain Aleem

She is the leading nutritionist in Pakistan. She is a certified M. Phil in public health, MSc in food and nutrition. M/s. Qurat is currently assisting at Dr. Naeem Zafar Clinic situated at Gulberg II, Lahore.


Due to the ease of digital health services, you can easily book an appointment with a qualified and Best Nutrition Doctor in Lahore, Pakistan. All of them are practicing in well-reputed hospitals and private clinics.

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