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Cosmetique Institute is nevertheless the best allergy center in Lahore Pakistan, because it has dedicated several years of service to diagnosing and treating several different kinds of skin allergies. At Cosmetique, the best skin specialists have literally examined thousands of patients from Pakistan and several other countries worldwide. They serve all patients by providing the most authenticated IgE testing, which diagnoses almost 35 of the most common allergens found in food and the open environment present around us.

Similarly, the Cosmetique clinic also has the exceptional facility to perform a patch test with some allergens typically found and prevalent in different regions of Pakistan. Therefore, the doctors at this best allergy center in Lahore Pakistan, try to handle patients before any allergy spreads in a particular area. Our clinic is staffed with some of the best American Board-Certified Doctors who have their specializations in diagnosing and treating a large number of skin allergies and diseases. Also, we have the right pieces of equipment and testing machines to test allergies on the spot in our latest equipment labs in Lahore, Pakistan.

best allergy center in lahore

Best Skin specialists in Lahore Pakistan, for Skin Allergies

At Cosmetique, our professional and expert dermatologists are some of the most reliable skin allergies specialists in Lahore, Pakistan. They usually have the closest relation with the top pulmonologists in town and years of experience in skin allergy. So, they are very well able to present integrated and comprehensive care to several skin allergy patients. Moreover, somehow, they can also treat patients with some other kinds of allergies like

  • nasal allergies
  • lung allergies
  • asthma
  • eye allergies
  • cough allergies
  • scalp allergies
  • allergic conjunctivitis, and many more.

Therefore, this collaboration of an experienced skin specialist, an ENT physician, eye specialist, pulmonologist, or even an ophthalmologist is usually required to let you plan to visit the best allergy center in Lahore . However, this collaboration is most effective in major environmental and health issues such as smog, which simultaneously causes allergies to different body parts.

Best treatment plans at Cosmetique clinic

Undoubtedly, a patient can get the most integrated and best skin allergy treatment in Lahore, Pakistan, from Cosmetique clinic, as here the specialists of different medical fields are in touch with each other specially to devise a plan on how to treat various skin allergies without surgeries and with minimal possible medications. But that indeed is not possible without a thorough physical examination of the patient’s skin and concerns, as well as without having a panel of checking various allergy-causing ingredients present in the

  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Dust
  • Air
  • Food
  • Food colorants
  • Chemicals
  • Pets and many more items of household use.

IgE level testing

Each allergen causing a particular skin allergy is carefully examined and treated in the best allergy center in Lahore, Pakistan, Cosmetique clinic. The skin specialists perform a detailed physical examination and then order their staff to start the proper investigations in our internationally acclaimed laboratories equipped with the most up-to-date machines and technologies.

However, one of the simplest methods of diagnosing any skin allergy is detecting the IgE levels in the patient’s body. Moreover, some doctors of Cosmetique clinic can perform a quick prick test to test an allergy on the forearm along with the IgE level detection. In this technique, the doctor places a drop of a likely allergy-causing agent anywhere on the skin and then scratches that skin area with a sterile needle. That, as a result, causes swelling of skin or wheal formation if the offending allergen is present there.


Allergy Patch Test

What is Allergy Patch Test? 

The third most commonly performed test is the best allergy center in Lahore, Pakistan, to diagnose the patient’s allergy is with a patch test. Indeed, the Cosmetique clinic has been on the top of the charts in this regard as the doctors here have been employed for this particular kind of skin test for more than sixteen years.

In the patch test, almost 30 most common chemicals prevalently found in the environment, shampoos, food, makeup, and other industrial items, are collectively placed in a small button-sized chamber and then placed on the back for almost 72 hours. Then after this time, the skin is carefully examined to check for any kind of allergic reactions.
Moreover, at Cosmetique, our skin specialists are usually experts in diagnosing different types of skin allergies that are caused by common offending agents present both in our houses and outside workplaces, such as food colorants, nickel, foods, chemicals, household dust mites, and many more by using a scale.

Allergy Patch Test For Skin Allergy Video 

Book an Appointment at the best allergy center in Lahore Pakistan

The Cosmetique clinic doctors are some of the best skin allergy specialists in Lahore, Pakistan, with years of experience in dermatology. So, you can completely trust them. They will undoubtedly leave no stone unturned to get the best allergy treatment in Lahore, Pakistan, that you deserve to have according to your allergic concerns.

Therefore, if you are suffering from any allergy, immediately visit best allergy center in Lahore Pakistan, the Cosmetique clinic. Or, if you find it difficult to reach out there, you can also contact our skin specialist at our UAN number 0 3-111-077-111 to get a free initial discussion consultation or book an appointment with our specialist doctors. Our dermatologists are available 24/7 to meet the needs of our patients. They will be honored to serve you.

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