Best Hair Specialist in Lahore, Pakistan

Best hair transplant in Lahore, Pakistan, is usually regarded as the surgical procedure for individuals suffering from extreme hair loss. It is primarily the best treatment for people who has hair loss due to hormonal imbalance, a defect in denes, or in cases where the hair loss is due to any trauma, burning, or accident. Moreover, it is also the best treatment for male and female pattern baldness. So, this surgery is for all despite age and gender.

In this best hair loss treatment procedure, the best hair specialist in Lahore, Pakistan, takes out hair or hair follicles present at the back of the head, chest (body hairs), or bread, where there are normal hairs. And then, he transplants those extracted hairs or follicles to the bald region where they are required. After transplantation, they tend to grow as normal hairs and require trimming or cutting over time as they grow naturally. That usually gives you a new look and boosts your confidence within just a few weeks after the hair transplant surgery.

Why should one go for hair transplant surgery from a reliable hair specialist in Lahore, Pakistan?

Hair loss is common in men and women nowadays, resulting in a drastic change in one’s overall personality. People feel shy going out bald and lose their self-esteem and inner confidence. That is especially most evident in the case of unmarried girls and boys. So, similar to bridal packages, Cosmetique clinic offers any skin and body treatments, especially hair transplants.

How to choose the best hair specialist in Lahore, Pakistan?

While looking for the most reliable hair transplant surgery, you must essentially need to spend some time selecting the best hair specialist in Lahore, Pakistan, and a renowned clinic for it. Remember, the surgeon you choose must not be simple MBBS; instead, he should have additional plastic or cosmetic surgery qualifications as suggested by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. Also, he must be officially registered as a Hair Transplant and Hair Specialist Surgeon with PMDC. He must also be a confirmed member of the Pakistan Association of Plastic Surgeons.

Besides these associations, you must also enquire that

  • From where your concerned best hair specialist in Lahore, Pakistan is trained?
  • How many years of experience does he have in hair transplant surgery?
  • How many hair transplants has he performed throughout his career?

Moreover, you should also confirm that whichever clinic or hospital you choose to get hair transplant surgery in Lahore, Pakistan, must surely be registered with Punjab Health Commission.  

Which is the best hair transplant surgery in Lahore, Pakistan?

Hair transplant in Lahore, Pakistan, is usually done under local anesthesia, which means that the patients stay awake throughout the procedure and have a pain-free hair transplant. Only in critical situations, the patient is given general anesthesia, but that is rare. Generally, the procedure usually is 6-7 hours long. But you can take a few little breaks for the washroom or sacks during the procedure. You typically have a relaxed environment in the clinic for maximum ease.

Cosmetique clinic is one of the most reliable and renowned cosmetic centers in Lahore, Pakistan. Highly qualified and professional doctors here treat patients for various skin and hair conditions. People usually choose Cosmetique for hair transplants, and it has a crew of the best hair specialist in Lahore, Pakistan. Also, the complete infrastructure of the clinic and the best technology and equipment utilized here are as per standards. So, you can trust Cosmetique clinic for all your worries.

Why Choose Cosmetique Clinic for Best Hair Procedures in Lahore, Pakistan?

The cosmetic clinic is undoubtedly one of the best cosmetic centers in Pakistan and abroad, with a state-of-art facility and highly trained staff. The staff and customer care cell always warmly welcome patients from all over the world and take the best care of their aesthetic needs. You will surely get the treatment you require either for any needs or aesthetic desires.

At Cosmetique clinic, our highly qualified and American-board certified surgeon Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir is the best hair specialist in Lahore, Pakistan. He has years of experience in dermatology and hair transplant surgeries. In fact, he is included in the top 5 best hair transplant surgeons and skin specialists all over Pakistan. Till now, he has done thousands of aesthetic treatments, especially hair transplants, with satisfied customers all over the globe.

How much does hair transplant surgery in Lahore, Pakistan, cost?

Cosmetique clinic typically offers the best prices for different skin and hair treatments with excellent results and satisfied customers. However, the cost of each treatment depends on the region and the extent of expectations you have. In the case of hair transplant surgery, the costs primarily depend on the area which needs hair transplantation and the technique that the best hair specialist in Lahore, Pakistan, utilizes to treat you.

At Cosmetique, Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan offers three prime types of hair transplant procedures. These include FUT, FUE, and PRP. The cost of FUT In Pakistan generally ranges from Rs.50,000 to 80,000. While FUE costs range from Rs. 60,000 to 10,000. However, PRP prices vary from clinic to clinic as this procedure usually requires specialized equipment for extracting plasma.

However, for more affordable prices and customized hair transplants in Lahore, Pakistan, the Cosmetique doctors usually encourage the patients to avail free photo consultation initially. From those pictures and consultations, you can get a rough idea of the estimated price of your hair transplant and book your appointment online without needing to go to the clinic.

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