Best Chest Surgeon Specialist Doctor in Lahore Pakistan

Chest doctors are trained to treat patients of all ages and backgrounds who have lung issues. Due to the wide range of knowledge and work domain in the field of lung diseases, they work in different capacities like

  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Private practices
  • Industries 
  • Rescue services and many more 

All the people who suffer from lung problems usually look weak and have several urinary issues. But now finding the best pulmonary or Best Chest Surgeon in Lahore Pakistan has been made easy for people with various digital healthcare services.

Who is a chest doctor?

All the diseases that are related to TB and chest problems are considered to be respiratory diseases. These are dealt with and observed by chest consultants and physicians. Best Chest Surgeon Specialist Doctor in Lahore Pakistan is often referred to as Pulmonologists.

It is a very vast terminology that covers all diseases related to the respiratory system including the

a) nose b) throat c) windpipe d) lungs e) chest wall, etc. 

The expertise of the best chest surgeon specialist Lahore, Pakistan

A chest doctor is always aware of all complicated issues that are raised due to respiratory problems. The best chest surgeon specialist in Lahore Pakistan is an expert in advising to treat various lung issues. 

Furthermore, professional chest doctors recommend ways that how breathing and respiratory system can be reverted to normal. Moreover, these doctors diagnose and treat all respiratory issues by performing standard checkups and suggesting exercise guidelines. Some of the common issues related to lungs that they treat include the following:

  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Complicated chest infections
  • Emphysema
  • Tuberculosis
  • Pneumonia
  • Asthma
  • Breathing problems and many more 


The very first major discovery in the field of pulmonology was the discovery of pulmonary circulation. It relates to blood not circulating properly through arteries and pores which caused lungs problems.

Ans if such a problem persists for a long duration, it can be life-threatening. Also, if left untreated, it may cause damage to lungs tissues that can cause problems to other respiratory organs. 

Process of diagnosis 

Whenever you feel any respiratory issues, it is recommended to at least have a visit to the best chest surgeon specialist Lahore, Pakistan. The checkup process begins with the diagnostic process focusing on

  • Checking any hereditary diseases affecting the lungs
  • Inquiring any bad habits or activities of a patient which include questioning relating to toxicants like tobacco smoke, exhaust fumes, cigarette, etc.
  • Taking exposure to any infectious agents
  • Performing pulmonary fibrosis and hypertension tests

Like all other fields of medicine, physical diagnosis is very important for chest surgeons. These generally include

  • Checking of blockage of the chest wall and respiratory veins
  • Observing the breath rate and respiratory rate
  • Tactual exploration of chest wall’s movement
  • Discovering about any hyper-resonance or dullness of lung fields
  • Using a stethoscope, checking any disruption for diminished or unusual breath sounds
  • Testing for any bronchitis issue 

Above all, a cardiac investigation is usually performed by the Best Chest Surgeon Specialist Doctor in Lahore Pakistan

What is a Pulmonologist in Lahore, Pakistan called?

Most of the population is not aware of the word ‘Pulmonologist’ so these are also remembered with some other common names such as

  • Respiratory physician
  • Chest surgeon
  • Bronchitis specialist 

Why should you see a chest doctor?

Diseases that are caused by breathing are most contagious therefore people often need to see a chest surgeon specialist doctor in their life. A chest doctor can diagnose and treat almost 1000+ diseases. They first diagnose the condition then prescribe medicine or perform the procedure.

Moreover, they provide consultation and advice relating to the treatment of T.B. In case of any blockage of vein disturbing the respiratory system, you should see the Best Chest Surgeon Specialist Doctor Lahore Pakistan

Main areas of concern for chest surgeon

Many chest surgeons in Lahore advise exercise to patients and educate them regarding their daily activities. For this, they have to consider the patient’s condition and budgetary constraints when suggesting medicines and tests.

Whenever it is discussed that who is the Best Chest Surgeon in Lahore  it is usually checked up that which one

  • keeps follow up of patient’s progress
  • routinely changes exercise and workout plans accordingly
  • keeps in view the patient’s condition
  • understands financial stability before recommending medicines and prescriptions  

Top-ranked chest surgeon specialist doctors

I do recommend having a look at health wire where you can book appointments with the Best Chest Surgeon Specialist Doctor Lahore Pakistan The fee varies from Rs. 500 to Rs. 3000 per visit

Dr. Kamran Hameed

He is well known in the field of lungs treatment because of having a number of certifications under his belt. He has been serving in diverse arrays including blood gas analysis, cardio-pulmonary exercise testing, bronchoscopy, etc.

According to reviews from patients, they are impressed by the doctor checkup, staff behavior, and clinic environment. He is available at Hameed Latif hospital for the first time and runs a private clinic in the evening.

Dr. Atif Mahmood

Dr. Atif is one of the Best Chest Surgeon Specialist Doctor in Lahore Pakistan practicing at Fatima Memorial hospital as a lung specialist. He has been treating diseases of lungs cancer, allergies, and asthma for years.

The checkup visit fee is very reasonable as he aims to serve humanity. Moreover, he also practices at his private clinic in Gulberg from Monday to Friday.

Dr. Khawar Abbas

Mr. Khawar has been serving in the field of chest infections for 25 years. He always encourages and advises patients to quit smoking and habits that can damage the respiratory system and cause breathing disorders.

His expertise includes treatment of lungs shrinkage, lungs cancer, TB, and pulmonology. Currently, he practices at Surgimed hospital. His per visit fee is Rs. 2,500/-.

Prof. Dr. Shamshad Rasul Awan

Dr. Shamshad is a highly qualified doctor and lungs specialist. He deals with issues concerning lungs and chest like tuberculosis, asthma, and other respiratory problems. He is practicing in the Lahore chest clinic in Gulberg 4, Lahore

Among practicing, he offers free video consultancy services online to patients through social media platforms like YouTube. His satisfying patients’ ratio is very high.  

Dr. Muhammad Hussain

Mr. M Hussain deals with several diseases like sinusitis, wheezing, bronchitis, and sleeping disorders, etc. He is a very generous personality which makes him different from others in the profession.

For consultancy and booking appointments, the patient should contact Masood hospital near Kalma Chowk Lahore, Pakistan. 


Due to the ease of digital health services, you can easily book an appointment with qualified and expert chest surgeon specialists from every part of Lahore. They are all practicing in well-reputed hospitals and private clinics.

These doctors are very skillful in handling and preventing chest infections that are majorly caused by dry cold weather. As breathing system disorders and lungs problems are a matter of extreme care, so you should not compromise less than any Best Chest Surgeon Specialist Doctor in Lahore Pakistan

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