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Best makeup Artist Specialist in Lahore, Pakistan

Nowadays, makeup artists are welcomed and appreciated largely by the Pakistan fashion industry. The major reason behind this is the various makeup techniques and trends that have earned them worldwide fame. Today, we Pakistanis are proud to have such makeup artists who have managed to change 

  • Imagery of celebrities
  • Models on ramps
  • Fashion designing shows style and many more 

A few best makeup artist specialist are different from others in the sense that they specialize only in make-up and typically do not offer other services such as hair or nails. 

About Best Make-Up Artist Qualities?

A professional artist who uses cosmetics techniques and processes to create beauty on the human face. That specified makeup expert enhances

  • Person’s appearance
  • Hides and soothes out flaws
  • Bringing out color 
  • Enhance the beauty of natural features of the face and many more 

All these by using flawless cosmetics products

That is why these makeup artists are sometimes referred to as cosmetologists or beauticians. But to some extent, makeup artists differ in the sense that they create imaginative characters and special effects for films, television, photography, and theatre through art. 

Types of makeup artists

Most people are often curious about that who is the best makeup artist specialist in Lahore, Pakistan? There is no specified answer for this, as there are two main types of makeup artists:

Cosmetic Makeup Artists

These makeup artists not only know how to make their subjects look their best, but they also usually understand how makeup works concerning lighting and photography. These are generally specialists in hair, nails, skin polish, and many more.

Fashion makeup artist

Such makeup artists range from the clerk at the store makeup counter to the artist who prepares fashion models for photoshoots. Their demand is increasing every day for

  • Wedding pictures
  • Fashion shoots
  • Corporate headshot photography
  • Other special events like birthdays, celebration parties, and many more 

Thus, all those special events need to be photographed or recorded for beautiful memories. 

Role and job of makeup artists

For a makeup artist, the professional should be perfect in his/her skills as it is a matter of the human body and once it becomes rough or unsmooth, it is nearly impossible to get it back to normal. That is why everyone looks for the best makeup artist specialist in Lahore, Pakistan. Some primary roles of them are as follows:

  • Within an allocated timeframe, a make-up artist should skillfully change the human face into the desired appearance
  • These makeup artists usually work with their reliable clients to enhance their physical features and create a flawless appearance
  • Professional experts with plenty of experience can also assist as columnists and editors for beauty and style magazines
  • Best makeup artist specialist in Lahore, Pakistan may serve as experts on panels and write books and have their own blogs on beauty and fashion. 

Makeup Specializations

Besides these roles, the best makeup artists should have a wide range of knowledge and practice everyday makeup skills. A few of them also have specialization in many different types of make-up and application techniques including

  • High fashion tricks
  • Light bending art
  • Special effects for events
  • Prosthetics
  • Theatrical
  • Airbrushing skill
  • The high definition of art and many more 

Daily Routine Tasks of makeup Artists

The demand for Best Makeup Artist Specialist in Lahore, Pakistan is increasing regularly because the demand for quality makeup and flawless look has also increased with the improvement of the fashion industry. And almost all professional artists tend to cope up with the latest makeup trends. For this, they keep practicing of 

  • Using several different types of blending tools and makeup kits in order to create an illusion of realness
  • Explaining the use of different beauty products
  • Maintaining the records of all saloon customers and services taken by them
  • Cleansing the skin of customers and perform cleaning activities of the human body for the appointed persons 
  • For necessary effects and look, applying various layers of makeup 

 Top best makeup artist specialist in Lahore, Pakistan

Almost every girl wants to look pretty and more attractive nowadays. Due to this growing demand, there is a variety of makeup artists available in Lahore, Pakistan
Here is the list of best makeup artist specialists in Lahore, Pakistan who have the most reliable skills and experience in the field of makeup. 

  1. Kashif Aslam (Kashee Artist)

Mr. Kashif Aslam is one of the top famous male beauticians in Lahore, Pakistan. He is successfully running his own beauty salon by the brand name “Kashee’s beauty salon”. Due to his unique work, he is the best makeup specialist in Lahore, Pakistan.
The art in his hand is absolutely admirable as different types of glamorous bridal makeup and soft hairstyles by Kashif always impress and attract people more.

Best makeup artist specialist
  1. Wajid Khan

The makeup of highly acknowledged makeup artist Wajid is constantly appreciated by the models and actors of Pakistan. He has been serving for the last 10 years in the field fashion and makeup industry successfully. 
He himself is a model too. He is a professional makeup artist who also does photo shoots for different fashion magazines. Wajid mostly does bridal makeup and works in the television industry on his own.

Best makeup artist specialist
  1. Mussarat Misbah

Mussarat owns a big-name salon named Depilex. She is an experienced and best makeup artist in Lahore, Pakistan. She has 30 branches in different cities in Pakistan. Her famous services at reasonable fees include

  • Party makeup
  • Bridal makeup
  • Body therapy
  • Hair and facial treatment and many more 
Best makeup artist specialist
  1. Annie Mansoor Best Makeup Artist in Lahore

A famous makeup artist, who has magic in her hands with regard to giving models and actresses Arabic looks in her unique style. Annie Mansoor is a renowned beautician of Pakistan who is running her own beauty salon by the name of Alle’ Nora Beauty Salon
All her clients really appreciate her work. Most of her work is always according to the latest fashion and style. Her saloon’s Address is 86-A B/2, M.M Alam Road, Gulberg-III, and Lahore.

Best makeup artist specialist
  1. Natasha Khalid Makeup Artist in Lahore

She belongs to Karachi but has a beauty salon in Lahore, Pakistan. She has extraordinary skills in her hands and a firm grip on her art to grant a gorgeous look to any face. Her makeup is always appreciated by field artists. That is the main reason she got successful in a very short period.

Best makeup artist specialist
  1. Akif Ilyas makeup specialist in Lahore 

Akif is a young male makeup artist from Pakistan. He has been nominated in the awards for being the best makeup artist specialist in Lahore, Pakistan. His saloon allows photo-shoot of models of different brands of Pakistan. Moreover, everyone appreciates his saloon well due to the cleanliness of the art and the work performed by him and his staff.

Best makeup artist specialist

  1. Madeeha Makeup Artist Lahore

She has been managing her beauty salon in Lahore since 1995. She is an expert in bridal makeup. Moreover, all services available at her salon are worth taking. Most women give priority to her over other makeup artists because she offers tremendous

  • Party makeup
  • Hairdo
  • Bridal makeup
  • Mehndi styles
  • Facial and hair treatments at the most reasonable rates.
Best makeup artist specialist

  1. Maryam Khawaja Bridal makeup Artist

One of the top-ranked best makeup artist specialists in Lahore, Pakistan. She got very famous due to the variety of makeup kits used by her during her services. All the women of Lahore really appreciate her work and give importance to booking an appointment with her for makeup on their special occasio

Best makeup artist specialist

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Top Best Makeup Artist Specialist in Lahore, Pakistan

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