Laser tattoo removal is considered one of the most effective ways to get rid of the Tattoo’s unwanted inked design. Nowadays, more and more people are leaning towards this painless Laser Treatment for Tattoo Removal to have clear skin day by day. According to some skin experts, almost 11% of individuals having inked tattoos on their bodies get them removed to have a neat clean as before the tattoo inking.

Most of such skin clients of Cosmetique clinic ask many questions regarding the laser treatment for the tattoo removal process. So, here we are going to give you all the essential information concerning it. It is crucial for you to know how this laser tattoo removal technique works, how the ink disappears, and what will be the expected results before you consider taking this skin treatment. So, let’s get started.

Laser Tattoo Removal Techniques 

The tattoo removal process was previously performed by an old-fashioned surgery in which the entire inked tattoo was removed even involving the skin by a plastic surgeon, ultimately replacing a tattoo with a dark skin scar. Although it does not make good sense to replace an intricate tattoo design with an ugly scar, it was still the most common method employed for the removal of inked tattoos in the past.

But fortunately, with the advancement in the latest technology, now several painless machines and procedures assist in removing the tattoo from peoples’ bodies with the least pain and no scarring. One most common and famous of such techniques is the use of Q switches Medlite Laser. The USA initially started this laser treatment for tattoo removal, but now it is used worldwide to treat tattoos without pain.

How long does laser tattoo removal take?

However, with this laser tattoo removal technique: blue, red, and black tattoos are effectively removed, while the yellow and green ones are somewhat difficult to treat. The best thing regarding this laser treatment is that it is entirely painless. In this procedure, patients are given local anesthesia to put the specific tattooed area of the client’s body to sleep and become numb for some time.

Moreover, this laser treatment for tattoo removal procedure takes 15-30 minutes to perform. But the time period mainly varies depending on the size, pattern, and inks of which the tattoo is made. Also, the patient can go home immediately after taking this skin treatment and rightly start his routine works without any delays. In general, some monthly sessions of this treatment are usually recommended by the best skin specialists in Lahore, Pakistan, as they are somehow required to erase the tattoo without any prominent scars permanently.

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Can laser treatment completely remove a tattoo?

 Yes, now laser technology can feasibly remove the inked tattoos completely. In fact, laser treatment is assumed to be the safest, painless, and most effective tool for completely removing tattoos without leaving any scars or marks. However, for complete removal, you may need several sessions of this skin treatment.

What colors are eliminated by laser treatment for tattoo removal?

The laser used by the best skin specialists of Cosmetique clinic generally affects different colors because it is in the form of an incredibly concentrated light beam. With that, lighter pigmentations remove immediately, while the darker pigmentations require more time as they generally reflect the laser’s light beam. However, blue, red, and black colors are removed easily compared to green and yellow inks.

How many sessions do I need for complete tattoo removal?

The Cosmetique clinic doctors can usually give you a rough idea of the number of sessions you need after your initial consultation and looking at your tattoo. However, in general, the number of sessions mainly depends on the patient’s age and the location, size, and color of the inks of which your tattoo comprises.

How much does laser treatment for tattoo removal cost in Lahore, Pakistan?

In general, the cost of laser skin treatment is ten times for the complete tattoo removal compared to the cost to have it inked or applied on the body. So, this may be a bit costly for a handful of patients.

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