Brake Repair & Replacement


If your car brakes have given out and needs fixing or you want to replace them completely, bestospecialist have all the equipments and the expert work force to aid you in this. We will polish your brake pads an brake shoes and replace them if it needs be. We have experts all over Pakistan in Karachi Lahore and Islamabad. From servicing your car brake pads and brake shoes to replacing and installing them, we do it all.

Professional Car Brake Servicing In Karachi Islamabad & Lahore

When the time comes for your car brakes to be serviced and polished you can always rely on bestospecialist to provide you with the best brake solutions. Depending on the condition of your brake pads and brake shoes, we will suggest you to either avail our professional brake pad and shoe servicing that will include rubbing and polishing of the pads.

We will keep your car brakes happy so you can drive safely all over Pakistan and in major cities such as Karachi Islamabad & Lahore.

Car Brake Replacement & Installation Experts

There may come a time when you car brakes need replacing. It could be because they are too damaged or simply the time has come for you to move on from your old car brake pads and shoes. bestospecialist have the highest quality brake pads and brake shoes from top brands available at reasonable prices. We will provide you with expert car brake replacement and installation. You can buy and avail the service of replacing and installing all at bestospecialist.

The signs which will tell that you need to change your brake pads and shoes are

  • Your car meter showing the brake warning light
  • Your car is making screeching noises when the brake is applied
  • The car is moving even after pulling the hand brake
  • The brakes are making a grinding sound when the brake is applied.
  • The car is not braking the way it should.

If you witness all or any of the above mentioned sounds, then you know your car brakes needs replacing. It is better to get the diagnosis done as early as possible. Prolonging the issue can result in the damage of your car brake disc. In that case bestospecialist will also help you out with the maintenance, replacing and installation services of car brake disc. We provide complete car brake solutions to our customers at great affordable prices.

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